Unleash the beast in this intense strength workout focused on lean muscle building. No muscle fiber is left behind as you challenge yourself to create a more balanced physique.


Find your inner athlete as you power through speed and agility drills and challenge your strength and endurance like a true pro. Everyone is a winner in this team-style tournament of health.


You'll view the number five in a new light after this paired cardio session. You and a partner will melt away calories together and will be eager to share a high five when it's all done.


In this paired functional and resistance training workout, you and your partner will have fun testing your limits and will feel like a true force to be reckoned with.

Flash.jpgLight the spark and move quickly to keep up with this high intensity interval circuit like none other. HIIT reduces body fat and increases lean body mass and aerobic power, but no one said it's easy.


You gotta fight for your right to be fit. Your trainer becomes your personal cornerman, sweat towel in hand, as you kick and punch away the calories.

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Much like an uncompromising flame of fire, this relentless cardio scorcher will leave you sweating and gasping for air. Come ready to work and you'll find yourself wishing we could hose ya down.

Finisher.jpgJust when you think you're on cruise control in this strength and cardio circuit, the intensity and intervals flip and you'll need to hit the turbo boosters. It will be worth it when you reach the finish line.

Foxy.jpgGet to feeling foxy in this high-energy circuit that will challenge your strength, cardiovascular endurance, and core stability. You'll have a blast with teammates as you strut and shimmy away calories.

Front Line.jpgIf you want to be as fit as some of our nation's finest, this regimen of simple yet grueling moves is a great start. This orderly and rigorous circuit will strengthen and tone your entire body.

Finals.jpgAre you up for the challenge? Put your skills up to the test as we mark your progress of YOU vs YOU and indulge in a little friendly competition, too.

We offer regularly scheduled sessions Monday through Saturday. See the latest calendar for current offerings. Additional class sessions are added to the calendar as needed (growth of client base).

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